Enjoy the joys of the sea by renting a sailing boat.

The sea tourism with a sailing boat is a special widespread entertainment way all around the world while the sailing boats are constantly becoming more popular. The holidays with a sailing boat are nice, have a particular interest and offer unique experiences.

To rent the sailing boat!
  • Financially cheaper than staying at a hotel.
  • Qualitative leaving conditions, the organization and the staying.
  • Approaches everywhere, to special beaches, lonely bays, remote islands, picturesque ports.
  • Security for all, all the days, any time.
  • Everywhere, to the Greek and wonderful beaches:
    • Chalkidiki
    • Limnos, Thassos, Lesvos,
    • Sporades, Northern Evoikos, Pagasitiko,
    • Samothrace, Agios Efstartios,
    • Dodekanisa,
    • Cyclades,
    • Ionian Islands

The Greek wide island range, the unique and with a great variety coastal area, the innumerable destinations, the unexplored areas makes ideal the idea of renting a sailing boat and open widely the sea roads for many activities: fishing, dives, sunsets, approaches to virgin beaches, swimming, romantic nights, unforgettable moments.

Accessible solution

  • The boat can accommodate in full facilities & services:
• 3 couples and the captain, or
• 4 couples, without a captain (with sailing certificate of two of its members).
  • • A period (July – August):€/week.
• B period (June – September): €/week.
• C period (April – May – October): €/week.
  • In the above prices there is additional cost for the captain: 100€/day.
  • 15% Discount when booking 3 months earlier
  • 10% Discount when booking 2 months earlier
  • The cost for the fuels of each booking is covered by the passengers.

Additional booking possibilities

  • Weekend traveling in Thermaikos
  • Day trips
  • Birthday & bachelor’s parties.


Holidays all year round!

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