Corporate Profile

The company “THESSALONIKI YACHTING” NEPA is a new company for renting sailing boats, with president Mr. Ilias Tsamaslis and its central offices in Thessaloniki.

Our big love for the sea, the Greek beauties and its hidden possibilities, our diachronic and professional relationship with sailing led us to create this flexible and effective business. In this way we can offer to the Greek families, the Greek youth, and to friends for other countries the mean through which they can approach, travel, love the coastal and island Greece.

Having these in mind we are addressing to those who want to live the magic of the Aegean Sea and the rest of the Greek seas, its beaches and islands without losing the convenience of their home.

The company staff is experienced and trained in order to provide the best services to the customers and the sailing boat.

The company’s vision is the creation of original and unforgettable experiences with the provision of qualitative services to all of you.

For us you are not only modern citizens and demanding customers, but also active members to a voyage of beauty and senses.

Our main advantage is the good knowledge of the Greek beaches and islands, the special sea routes, and the provision of unique experiences of low cost that are accessible to people of any financial level.

Our target is not only the successful development of our company, but also the creation of a wide network of people with love and interest for the sea, Greece and Thessaloniki.

Together we plan to create many new activities...

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